How It Works ESCORTS in McAllen


Before Booking


AFTER CONFIRMING, we ask for 45 minutes to get to you 

What time and where?

Just so you are fully aware the rates are not cheap and are cash only and you must have cash upfront so call when you already have gone to ATM machine.

WE NEED TWO PHOTOS: one of the cash to show proof you have the funds and the other of the hotel room phone where it shows the room number... 

Thank you,

How It Works

A lot of people wonder why men want to hire female escorts. It’s simple really, some men are lonely and want some female companionship for a night. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because it obviously is not uncommon for men to desire female companionship. Some men just don’t want to find a date at the bar or typical places to find company.

  1. Some of the other escorts send photos and when they show up up at your door, they do not look nothing like they said or sent photo... We have our photos on our link "PHOTOS" and we will tell you which escort/ model in what row and placement in the site gallery of photos will show up (as per request), however we will not send you photos because you can go to the site and see for yourself (photo collectors). Also, of the respect of the model/ escort some may hide their face because they live in the local mcallen area and for their respect of privacy: they do not want to show they face... However, since we have our touring escorts/ models who do shows all over the world; those special models/ escorts do not care if we show their photo of their face (since they have been seen in magazine to posters and fliers to billboards). 
    (956) 972-1690
  2. We only do OUT CALLS, which means we only go to you, especially with all the undercover private in- call locations they have been reporting and showing them on media getting arrested when the client is walking out of their location (local Mcallen television and newspapers...
  3. We do NOT do parties... we only deal with an one to one person escort to gentlemen (upscale client).  We have most of the best classy escorts in mcallen; as for different rates for those who can afford the best in life... and as oppose to those who are not on a cheap budget...
  4. By law the escorts/ models are only obligated to perform lingerie modeling, exotic dancing/ a body rub down. the escorts/ models ONLY accept CASH (no credit cards nor checks whatsoever).  However so you are fully AWARE, we will send the model/ escort to you knowing that the accurate description of the escort/ model will show up giving you the accurate description, HOWEVER if you were to SEND BACK the model/ escort back, (not because of her looks because we tell you the accurate description, there is a ONE HUNDRED (100) DOLLAR SEND BACK FEE for the escort's time/ travel and transportation. This fee is not an additional fee the escort/ agency will quote you. It is ONLY if you SEND BACK the escort/ model.
  5. Please read the "Descriptions" link and choose and call the day of booking the escort/ model, not day(s) in advance since our schedules change everyday.  

All escort/ models associated with this agency work as independent contractors. We assume no responsibility  for their personal action however they are only obligation to be hired as said above.

THANK YOU for your cooperation from our friendly staff / escorts/ models.s

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